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What is "rope technique"?

Rope techniques (exactly Single Rope Technique) is a set of methods used to descend and ascend on the same single rope using special designed devices. With help of rope techiques we can move in places, where there is no direct contact with the wall or the walls are too smooth to grab something. Examples of such locations are walls of buildings and vertical wells, which occurs in caves. In practice the rope techniques are mostly used in caving and during working at height. Moreover rope climbing is addition to sport climbing and vice versa. Both rope climbing and sport climbing technique are used interchangeably in alpine mountaineering and caving , depending on the situation.


Section history in brief:

Rope Climbing Section Wroclaw University of Technology history beyond the scope of the university. Currently section is continuation of Trappers Club Railway Technical Institute activity and the stories of both sections are related. Trappers Club was the first organization in Wroclaw, which brings together students interested in different kinds of mountaineering. In Trappers Club students of Wroclaw University of Technology were able to learn new skills in the field of rope techniques before such physical education classes were available on University. A lot of interest in this type of activities contributed to the later start of the course and the creation of the section.

From the beginning, tutor and mentor of young cavers and climbers in Trappers Club was dr Kazimierz Buchman – member of Wroclaw KW Cavers Section. The first meeting of the Club took place on 20 September 1993. It had an organizational nature, and was attended by only three people.

Initially the Club did not have adequate training facilities, so training trips were organized. The first serious test for students was trip to Stolec caves on 12 November 1993. The expedition was also attended by friends from XI High School in Wroclaw. The highlight of the trip was planned night inside the cave.

On 8.01.1994 construction of the biggest climbing wall in Wroclaw and Lower Silesia was started. It was placed in the gym of Railway Technical Institute and its grand opening took place on 9 March 1994. The event was described in the magazine „Góry i Alpinizm”.

The Trappers Club having already training base and the growing number of members spread their wings. They began to organize trips, competitions and trainings. Trips to Jura Krakowsko-Czestochowska at the beginning of May became the club tradition, which is continued also today. The first expedition took place from April 30 to May 3, 1994. Many caves were visited: Studnisko, Koralowa, Zawalisko, Wszystkich Swietych, Olsztynska.

Club members began to ride across southern Poland. There was organized trips to the Tatras, Stolec and Wojcieszow, where young ‘trappers’ had the opportunity to enter the deepest cave of Lower Silesia – Szczelina Wojcieszowska.

The first physical education classes with a rope climbing on University took place in the winter semester 95/96. At the same time, has also established the Rope Climbing Section. From the beginning, both classes and section were conducted by dr Kazimierz Buchman.

At the beginning of the academic year 2004/2005 the rope climbing activities were transferred from the Railway Technical Institute to ZERWA – the wall located near Danilowski square. To this day, students meet there perfecting their skills in rope techniques.

The graduates of RCS do not give up their adventures with the caves. They are often active in caving clubs throughout the country. One of the brilliant members is Agnieszka Nieciąg. She was head of the Alpine Club in 2006-2008. She is currently an instructor of caving.

Historical list of Rope Climbing Section presidents:

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